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A List Of 15 Great Dissertation Ideas In Forensic Psychology

All right, so it is time to write that dissertation on forensic psychology! Congratulations on choosing to study such an interesting and challenging subject. Before you start, I would suggest that you at very least consider choosing a topic that is specific to the field that you eventually want to specialise in. If you have a free reign, then it makes perfect sense to turn it fully to your advantage. Coming up with an idea for your dissertation can almost be as daunting as writing the actual dissertation and is something that many students wrestle with and causes lots of sleepless nights.

Thankfully, you need look no further because I have come up with a list of 15 great ideas in forensic psychology:

  1. Terror on your doorstep
  2. There can be little doubt that the rules of engagement with terrorists have changed significantly in recent years. ISIS are now actively encouraging their recruits not to travel to their Caliphate but instead carry out atrocities in their home countries. This is a nightmare scenario with an unquantifiable amount of home-grown terrorists. Those individuals that have been born and bred, and hold full citizenship prepared to carry out atrocities. Look at this from forensic psychology viewpoint.

  3. The American Prison System versus the British Prison system
  4. What are the qualities required to be a good forensic psychologist?
  5. What impact does stress have on the lives of police officers?
  6. Explore the effectiveness of the risk assessment tools used to assess violent offenders. Are they fit for purpose? Can more be done?
  7. Is current guidelines for the rehabilitation of offenders effective enough? Have austerity measures and government cuts impacted upon this?
  8. Cyber bulling and trolling – What makes people think that this behaviour is acceptable AND can this really be effectively policed across international borders?
  9. Explore the reasons why certain people go missing. Leaving aside any criminality, why do some people simply not want to be found?
  10. Explore the factors around emotional intelligence and whether this impacts upon someone’s ability to offend/reoffend.
  11. With celebrities like Caitlin Jenner making the headlines explore gender identity.
  12. Can serial offenders really be caught based upon the way they behave at a crime scene?
  13. The treatment of offenders through mindfulness techniques
  14. Blurred lines – why do the general public have different attitudes as to whether someone is victim or villain with regard to rape
  15. The origins of criminal behaviour – why does someone choose this path?
  16. Nature versus nurture.
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