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A List Of Unique Dissertation Topics On Social Media Marketing

As our technology advances, so does our daily practices and one such practice that has evolved heavily is our use of various forms of social media. No longer do we simply call or visit, we are now capable of seeing, hearing and interacting with our friends and family via many different online methods. Naturally, the marketing world seeks to take advantage of this new found activity and have employed many advertising methods to reach potential clientele. The following is a list of dissertation topics on social media marketing:

  1. Can this sudden influx of advertisers and pop-ups be considered a violation of the freedom of choice and options that many internet users have grown to value?
  2. Many marketing ventures install unwanted programs on your personal computers and other devices, why is more not being done to stop these activities?
  3. How effective is online marketing compared to physical real world ads and television commercials?
  4. Persons should no longer be required to pay for Internet services since it is now a highly profitable arena for advertisers, while we get nothing in return, despite the inconvenience of ads.
  5. Are the companies paying advertisers aware that they use illegal and invasive programs to increase the clicks to their pages?
  6. Do persons actually make purchases online as a result of being influenced by an ad they may have seen while using any form of online communication app?
  7. How does the region affect the amount and types of ads that a person may or may not see?
  8. Is the collection of a person’s personal preferences via online software, then structuring marketing practices to take advantage of this knowledge, an invasion of personal freedoms?
  9. What can you do to protect yourself from being inconvenienced by ads and unwanted browsers being opened while using your device?
  10. How does branding and imaging affect a persons choices of purchase?
  11. Has the widespread and easy availability of the internet significantly increased consumers access to hard to find goods ?
  12. Many people can now advertise their personal sales via their personal pages on the internet, has this practice been a good or bad thing for the used sales industry?
  13. Are companies that do not practice social media marketing at a significant disadvantage in today’s economy?
  14. Should more control methods be enforced to regulate the activities of companies that advertise internationally?
  15. Social apps change in popularity frequently, what is the future of social media marketing?
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