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Composing A Good Dissertation Acknowledgements Section

In composing your dissertation, depending on your field of study, it might contain various levels of technical and not-so-easy-to-understand phrases and tables. Even the introduction and conclusion need to be carefully written which makes most students dread writing these parts of their academic papers. One part of your academic paper that, unlike others, is not stressful at all is the acknowledgements section. All you need to do is pour out your heart-felt gratitude in simple to understand language that not only reads smoothly but also sends across your sincere appreciation.

If this is the part of your dissertation that is delaying the submission of your completed work, then the tips below would help you to compose a good acknowledgements section for your paper. The tips are as follows:

  • Maintain Your Style: There is a particular style in which your paper is being written. This style should not be varied as it could lead to loss of scores. If you are writing in a conversational tone, then stick to that tone.
  • Make It Relevant: Although you are given the free reign to include multiple personalities in your acknowledgement session, it is important to point out that those who make the list should mostly be people who contributed in their own little way towards the actualization of your dream.
  • Make A List: Those that make your acknowledgement ranges from siblings to your parents, librarians, supervisor, study group and lots more. Take your time to carefully jot these people’s name down. Yes, make a list to make it easier for you to understand who has been included and who has not.
  • Keep It Short: In order not to weigh your target readers down, especially members of the review board and other professional readers, it is important that you make your acknowledgement short and to the point.
  • Write And Proofread: Just like every other part of the dissertation, it is important that after writing your acknowledgement, you devote time to proofread it. This way, you make sure that nobody’s name is spelt wrongly and that every relevant name on your list has been included in the acknowledgement.

Now you can see that unlike what you earlier thought, composing a good acknowledgement for your dissertation paper could be a fun-filled activity if you know the right things to do. Go ahead and show all those that assisted you through your academic journey how much you appreciate them.

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