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PhD Writing: Tips And Prompts

The Dissertation Layout: Essential Things To Remember

When it comes to making an edge in learning, it is always about how much effort you are putting into the undertaking day in, day out for it is a continuous process. You will be a privileged student if despite the many hurdles you face, you will have waded your way out of the murky waters of schooling to a milestone so far that you are just faced with thesis or dissertation paper to see you christened a scholar, a professor or an educator. You must have probably read a good book out there are because it was so moving, it formed one of the great reads in your home library. Well, if say in a few weeks, you will partake on writing a dissertation for the first time, there are challenges you will likely face. The good news is that they are simple problems but can cost you a maiden chance of becoming a scholar soonest. Despite the learning you have been subjected to throughout the term in class, this article is a purposeful reminder on some essentials. These are basic things you should never forget about a dissertation paper. So, let’s take a look.

Remember; abstract is the executive summary; work on it

To a disinterested reader, you never know where you paper lands or who will mark it; an abstract is good enough to gauge your writing. This part dresses the whole paper and so before you can submit a completed paper, always makes sure this part outline aspects such as methods used, design of the study and the tools used. Never omit necessary things ought to be captured here. Cross check and check again.

Preliminaries of the paper

At the start, something must be introduced. Academic papers such a thesis and dissertation always have sections which must come first. This follows on a requisite format which must be used in writing. In this regard, always ensure sections like introduction, acknowledgement, problem statement, objective of the study and table of contents are written in the right order. This will give easy time in doing something chronological.

Consistency of literature review

We always rely on backup knowledge to address knowledge gaps. This is the same for academic research in which case secondary sources such as books, interviews and questionnaires should always be used and referenced accordingly. Never have bibliographic information under references which does not concur with books reviewed.

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