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PhD Writing: Tips And Prompts

Choosing The Best Thesis Topics: Top 20 Suggestions From An Expert

Writing a thesis is one of the most difficult tasks for students. When they set with writing, they lack quality topics and sit with blank minds. This is because the first few topics that come to their mind are already taken. They need to find fresh ideas to start a paper and then carry out relevant research. To solve this problem, this article will cover top topic suggestions that students can use in their thesis.

Top suggestions for topics

  1. Prove with scientific reasoning that Drugs can affect your pregnancy
  2. Add statistics to show that Breast cancer rate is increasing in Asia
  3. Give logical statements to prove that Proper hygiene is necessary for your newborn
  4. Justify the statement that More than 60% people of United States are victim of obesity
  5. Agree or disagree with the statement Mathematic quizzes increase your cognitive thinking
  6. Prove with examples addictive sugar is more risky than cocaine
  7. Justify the statement that exercise enhances your blood circulation
  8. Give a Comparison between fashion and religion
  9. Prove that A healthy diet is required for healthy mind and body
  10. Junks could lead to obesity right or wrong
  11. Support the statement with valid reasoning that Violation of traffic rules could result in risking one’s life
  12. List down the Disadvantages of an urban life
  13. Negative thinking destroys ones personality
  14. Friendly environment is essential for developing a strong bond between a pupil and a teacher
  15. Foreign languages develop confidence and increase your communication skills
  16. Information technology has established a lot in last few decades
  17. Computers are man’s best friends
  18. Possibility of life on mars or any other planet
  19. Pets should be treated like a member of a house or a part of family
  20. Police control over crime rate

If you are looking for a strong topic for your thesis, than these topics are going to aid you in the selection of best informative topic. These topics include logical reasoning and certainly increase ones knowledge. These topics would result in gaining you quality material. Topics are taken from a common person’s life. They are very general in topic and are a vast subject so that one’s pens should not stop while writing. You could get a lot of material through searching web or setting frequent visits of library.

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