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Some Basic Do's And Don'ts Of Writing A History Dissertation

Do you need to write a history dissertation, but have no idea what the do’s and don’ts are that can help you get a winning grade? There are a bunch of different ways that any single project can be completed in. If you want to get the top grade then you’ll have to sue the correct one. So read on for some basic advice that will go a long way when trying to get your history dissertation completed:


Here are the different things that you must do when trying to get your project completed:

  • Start early: it is very important to start the project as early as you can so that you give yourself enough time to get it finished. One mistake that students always make is start a project early late in the evening the night before it has to be handed in. This will be very counter productive for your final grade.
  • Samples: it is a great idea to view as many sample projects as you can to get a sense of what has to be completed in your won one.
  • Proofreading: make sure that you proofread your work after it has been completed. This step has the ability to greatly improve the quality of your grade.


You also have to understand the different things that you must avoid doing if you are to get a top grade in your work:

  • Copy: it is always a bad idea to copy work from another student. That’s because if you get caught, then the penalties will be sever, and you might even get thrown out of your course. Instead of copying you can use other work to get inspiration so that your own work is better.
  • Miss the deadline: it is a very bad idea to miss the deadline, because then whatever work you do hand in might be downgraded. You won’t miss the deadline if you have taken the time to start the project as soon as it was handed over to you.
  • Too slow: don’t be too slow when you are completing your work. You have to get the first draft finished as quickly as you can because that in turn will allow you to get the revision process started as soon as possible.
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