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PhD Writing: Tips And Prompts

Writing A Doctoral Dissertation- 10 Planning Tips For Students

The doctoral dissertation is the last thesis that you will ever write, so it needs to be perfect. After that, you will be able to graduate and get hired. It is easy to understand why you need to be extremely careful when you write this composition, and why you need to put all your effort into it. It is recommended to start working on it a few months before the due date, just to be sure that you have enough time for everything. Here is how to plan everything in good way:

  1. Start early. If your due date is in two months, you need to start today. Believe me, even this time will be too short to create something really good.
  2. Choose your topic wisely. This is perhaps the most important part of this process. It needs to be interesting, engaging, but informative and useful in the same time.
  3. Make effective research. I know that you are reading all day long on the Internet, but try to do something different. Visit different places related to your topic, discuss with professionals and interview important persons.
  4. Write down the most important ideas. When you find an interesting paragraph in an article, write it down. If you do this all the time, it will be very easy to collect all the information when you finally start to write.
  5. Decide what the purpose of your dissertation is. You want to help people? You want to explain a confusing issue in front of everyone? This matters a lot, because you will know how to approach the subject.
  6. Create an outline. Before even thinking to write, you need to create an outline. This will serve as a structure for your composition, and it will be easy to organize your ideas. Make sure that there are not too many chapters.
  7. Collect references. References and quotations can make the difference between a good and a bad thesis.
  8. Write the body of the composition first, and leave the introduction for later. In this way you will know perfectly what you have to write in the first paragraph.
  9. Do not correct your dissertation until it’s done. At the end, reserve two weeks for editing and correcting.
  10. Ask for feedback. Before you submit the text you have to ask for feedback from a few classmates or a professor.
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