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PhD Writing: Tips And Prompts

Dissertation Writing Made Simple: 20 Fresh Ideas

It’s no secret that writing a dissertation is a monumental task. The way to make it simple is to break it up into smaller steps. Perform one step at a time, and do something towards the finished product every single day. The process will become more smooth and fluid and you will see progress despite the occasional obstacles. Need some fresh new ideas on how to tackle all this planning and writing? You’ve come to the right place. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Do some writing, however small it may be – every single day.
  2. Ensure your objective is clear and that it’s based on a highly focused thesis statement.
  3. Plan sufficient time for detailed research.
  4. Balance resource material with your own input and claims such that each has adequate weight in the paper.
  5. Organize all your writing materials in one place.
  6. Compile your reference list as you go along. Don’t try to do it all at the end; it will be an overwhelming task.
  7. Include a definition of terms if your paper contains many technical words.
  8. Avoid jokes and puns as they don’t belong in a formal document.
  9. Do not use contractions such as don’t, won’t, etc.
  10. Avoid generalized terms such as “soon.” Instead, supply an estimate of the timeline for the event you’re describing.
  11. Use an active voice rather than a passive one.
  12. Use the present tense rather than the past.
  13. Focus on results.
  14. Avoid self-assessments in the form of praise or criticism.
  15. Cause and effect should be clearly delineated and kept separate from relationships which are purely statistical correlations.
  16. Create and work from an outline.
  17. Use a skilled proof-reader for editing the final draft of your paper.
  18. Ensure you have followed all structure guidelines such as title page, abstract, bibliography, appendices and so forth.
  19. Use the correct style guide, such as APA, for the field of study you are working in.
  20. Persevere. There’s no better way to say it – just don’t ever give up! Be one of the students that finishes writing their dissertation. You can do it!

Writing and finishing your paper is an academic achievement. It should show you understand the key issues behind your theories and procedure. You will provide evidence and should inspire your reader to deeper thinking.

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