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Coming up with Excellent Dissertation Topics in Nursing

The process of selecting your dissertation topic in nursing will have a lot to do with the field you specialized in and the area that interest you. As you are coming up with excellent dissertation topics in nursing, use our handy list of topics and suggestions.

Excellent Nursing Topic List

  • Schools and camps-consider the roles you would play at schools and camps. The choices are numerous and would make for an excellent choice.
  • Veterans-as men and women return home from service, they face a variety of medical needs. You can assist these brave people in their time of need. You can help with rehabilitation, counseling, disease recovery, and psychology recovery.
  • Geriatric-the care of the elderly can be a rewarding field. You could discuss the needs, changes, and job duties of this field. The different venues such as the home and at a retirement center could be explored, as well.
  • Hospice-the many responsibilities of this field are guided by the fact that you are giving the last care a person will receive. The family and patient will come to see you as a family member and a source of relief. You could focus on this fragile, and so important job.
  • Military-active military medical personnel have many functions in the field. You could focus on one of these many jobs, and relate how it has changed throughout the history of the military.
  • Researcher-some people want to work with the public, and other choose to work behind the scenes in order to help people. This little known profession is quickly growing in popularity and serves a very vital function. This would be an excellent topic for your dissertation.
  • Practitioner-when coming up with your topic, consider a focus on the practitioner. The job role is quite similar to that of a physician, yet they are more in touch with the patient. Talk about the advancments made in the field.
  • Prison or correctional facility-those incarcerated also have medical needs. What makes a person select this for their focus and what are the safety concerns, as well as the responsibilities?
  • Home-some people cannot come to the office for their medical needs. A home specialist will come and perform the necessary needs for those homebound. Sometimes these visits are emotional or dangerous. Explore the safety and issues with such a role.
  • Emergency room or critical care-instant decisions and actions are performed hourly by emergency care specialists. This stressful and ever so important role would make for an excellent topic.
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