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Guidelines For Finding A Sample Dissertation Proposal Outline

When you are looking for dissertation proposals online there are some simple guidelines that you have to follow. Your dissertation is supposed to be straightforward, easy to understand and most importantly one of the easiest papers you will ever come to write as long as you know what to do. When you go through some of the samples that are available online, you will soon come to realize that there are different types of dissertations as we can see herein:

  • Traditional Business research dissertation/capstone project (critically engaging with a body of literature and concepts and designing and conducting research that generates new data or new theory addressing gaps in the literature and adding to the body of knowledge).
  • Business report (reflecting upon business issues gathered from experience in or study of a business setting, which addresses questions chosen by the student from a cited body of literature). Dissertations of this type may be the result of internship, casework or previous experience; such dissertations may reflect upon business strategy, though without the detail and completeness expected of a Business Plan.
  • Business project (analysis of an issue chosen by a business that provides data for analysis, which the student reintegrates with issues or gaps in general literature). This type of dissertation is often the result of a work-based project and differs from a Business report in that the research questions and data are the result of negotiation between the business and the researcher).
  • Business plan (a fully costed and complete plan for a business project such as might justify investment against a predicted return).

There may be a lack of clarity amongst students, supervisors or makers about the content and assessment standards for different types of dissertation. One purpose of this report is to clarify these questions. In particular, students and markers must have a shared view of the standards used to assess dissertations. This is the only way through which you can be able to get on the same page with your markers.

In the event that you do not have an idea of where to start it is always advisable that you consider speaking to your marker so that they can point you in the right direction. This is of course in the likely possibility that your tutor will be the marker of your paper once it has been duly completed and handed in.

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