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How To Find Maths Dissertation Topics: Tips And Ideas

Dissertations can be considered practice for real world application of your education and should be taken quite seriously, since it can very well be the first paper you ever publish at the start of your career. Choice of topic can sometimes be a challenge and with good reason, your choice in this area can greatly influence your paper. When conducting any form of research, the most asked question by critics is whether your study has any real world applications. As a budding researcher, this is a good place to start and in the following points, I will outline several tips to help you select the best topics for your math dissertation:

  1. Tackle problems that currently exists in the present world.
  2. It is very easy to take interest in an article that attempts to explain a problem or situation that exist in your life or surroundings and this should be considered when trying to select a topic of study. There is also the added benefit of conducting research that has potential to make significant contributions to society and by extension, your career.

  3. Attempt to solve one of the math challenge problems.
  4. There are some math problems that have not been solved and have existed for hundreds of years. Some wealthy people have even offered large cash prizes to anyone that can solve some existing unsolved math problems. Tackling and succeeding at solving one of these can be a great accomplishment.

  5. Conduct a study on why some students are naturally better at math than others.
  6. It’s not uncommon to find that may students have trouble at math while some seem to just get it. This has puzzled educators and students for many years and finding a reason for this could make significant contribution to the education system.

  7. Present reasons why the study of advanced math is important to society.
  8. People often wonder why they should be required to understand some mathematical principles that do not seem to have any application to their daily lives. While it may be true that many principles do not present themselves in everyday life, most of the technology and innovations available to us are only possible because of deep mathematical principles.

  9. Identify areas where Math fails.
  10. While useful in most areas, there are bound to be things that math cannot explain or give an account of. Finding these areas and investigating them could prove for an interesting paper.

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