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An Easy Step-By-Step Guide On How To Find A Dissertation Proposal Example

When students enroll in their doctorate programs, they are often surprised at all of the steps that are required to complete the dissertation. One of the biggest surprises the dissertation proposal. Even though this is a short paper, especially when compared to the actual dissertation, students are confused about what needs to be included in it. Thankfully, most colleges give their students thorough instructions about the dissertation process. The instructions should include the length and content requirements for all of the steps of that the dissertation requires. Even though schools provide information and instructions, they do not provide samples.

Looking for samples for all steps of the dissertation process is easier than most students realize. There are several places online and in libraries where students can find quality examples for the dissertation and the dissertation proposal. Here are a few ideas:

  • Online writing labs: Many of the best colleges and universities provide online writing labs for their students. These labs are usually free and they include everything that anyone ever needed to know about writing and grammar. You simply need to look for a writing lab and search for the sample that you want. You should be able to find a sample that has the steps outlined and the parts of the proposal clearly labeled.
  • Blogs about dissertations: Since writing a dissertation is a big deal, many bloggers who have completed the process enjoy sharing their journey with other writers. Some of the bloggers will include samples or instructions with pieces of the proposal so you know basically what should be included. Since blogs are usually written by individuals or small groups of people, you can usually email the bloggers to ask questions. You might be able to talk the blogger into sharing a proposal with you.
  • College libraries: Any college that offers graduate and doctorate degrees will have dissertations in the library. Some might even be available online for students to see. You should be able to go to your school’s library and look up all of the dissertations that have been written at your school. These will include the proposals and all other pieces that are required by your school’s committees.

No matter where you happen to find a dissertation proposal, you should always remember to never include any of the proposal in your paper. No one working on a dissertation should plagiarize.

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