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Tips On Writing The Methodology Chapter In Your Dissertation

The focus of the methodology chapter in your dissertation is to explain the steps that you will take to conduct your research. It will create a clear picture of the specific steps that you will take to answer your research question. Your dissertation is a large research paper. You will determine a unique study to conduct in regards to the information that you learned regarding your major. The methodology chapter is designed to supply the information that may be needed to conduct the same research again. Your reader should have the step by step instructions. Here are some other tips on writing a successful methodology chapter.

  1. Three sections
  2. There are three sections that you will want to address in this section of your dissertation which include the subjects, measures, and procedures. You will want to include information on the subjects of your study. You will want to include information on the measures that you will use. This will be what will gauge your success or failure in proving your main point. The paper will also include information pertaining to the specific procedures that were used to conduct the study.

  3. Review of the problems
  4. The first part of this section should include a review of the problems that may come up when dealing with the subject. Find what questions you want to answer with your study and any barriers that you may face when answering those questions.

  5. Use Subsections and Subheadings
  6. It is a good idea to add subsections that include subheadings in this section. You will add a section for the participants, the materials, the design, and the procedure. Make sure to see what your formatting guide says about how to format your subsections in accordance with the style that has to be used.

Make a plan when completing this section. Set up your paper first so that you can work on each section individually. Concentrate on one section and then take a break and go to the next one. It is a great way to break down the monotony. You can make a schedule and break the entire paper into subsections and then complete several subsections a week. Give yourself enough time to complete this assignment and all of its parts. Create a schedule that gives you enough time to edit your paper to make sure that it is free of all errors.

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