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How To Compose A Knowledge Management Dissertation: The Best Writing Strategies

If you want to know how to compose a knowledge management dissertation consider the best writing strategies below:

  • The first writing strategy for composing a knowledge management dissertation is to start your research early. In order to do this you have to make sure that you have a preliminary hypothesis or thesis in mind. But remember that this preliminary hypothesis should be flexible. If you begin your research and you find that current research does not support the direction your hypothesis is taking or perhaps it conflicts with it altogether, you need to be flexible enough that you can make whatever changes are necessary.
  • The sooner you begin with your research the better off you will be. This process is a long one and it requires a great deal of work on your behalf and part of this work is reading and writing what other professionals have contributed to this field. This type of work takes time and the sooner you start the better off you'll be. Focus first on reviewing the abstract for any academic journals you have. If you find that the abstract does not really relate to what you have in mind then set that particular piece of evidence aside and focus your reading effort on something that is much more relevant.
  • The third writing strategy is to write a little bit every day. Because this is a long process you want to make sure that you complete as much work as possible on a regular basis. Set up daily word amounts that you want to meet. In some cases you might want to write 500 words each day for three months. In other cases you might want to write 1000 words each day for five months. This is really based upon the total length of your dissertation. By having a goal like this you know exactly what minimum amount you have to meet in order to submit your work on time. In addition to this on days that you go above and beyond these requirements you will survive yourself a bit more flexibility near the end.
  • The fourth writing strategy is to never delete anything when you are going through multiple drafts. Instead, keep a separate document where you can cut and paste any of the content that you delete. You may find that later on you want to put one of the paragraphs you removed into a different part of the dissertation and if you save it in a separate document you will always have that option at your disposal.
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