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PhD Writing: Tips And Prompts

Creating a brilliant dissertation in a few easy steps

The common thread for any and every dynamic dissertation is organization. The best way for you to nurture organization is creating a timetable, or mapping out goals and milestones as a means of motivating you to stay on time and on track. A dissertation consists of more than just gathering information. It is a process which demands an equal amount of attention to detail across the board, from start to finish.

Find a Topic

  • Choose a topic which holds your attention and enthusiasm but also has relevance and will be worth researching
  • Be practical when it comes to your choice of topic. Keep the scope of your study as well as the results of your research within reason. This will help to prevent feeling overwhelmed or disappointed.

Before You Start Your Research, Do Some Research

  • Reading comprehension is an essential skill in every aspect of life. For the purposes of this article, making sure there is enough reading and comprehension to be completed on your topic is just as important to a great dissertation.

Visualizing Your Goal

  • This is a critical part of being organized. A solid framework is necessary for creating an effective essay. The same can be applied to structuring steps for a dissertation
  • By adhering to a structured set of guidelines, a heady process like writing a dissertation becomes less daunting
  • Tangible evidence of what has been completed and what remains of the process is helpful for staying motivated as well as prepared for the next step
  • As a form of troubleshooting, creating a structured approach to writing a dissertation can help you think of issues and problems you may not have been accounting for if you were to begin without a plan

Step on to the Field

  • Performing your field work will provide the blood and guts of the research for your dissertation. This usually includes conducting interviews, collecting data, performing tests, observing, and recording
  • Being organized ahead of time can keep you prepared and on schedule. Research presents a long list of practical and logistical obstacles
  • Being organized can give you the advantage of foresight. By knowing how to avoid or mitigate unwelcome circumstances you can maximize your efficiency

Finally, if you have properly structured your research, organizing the paper itself should be performed as though it was second nature. Don’t lose the momentum you have sustained thus far. Keep it going, you’re almost there.

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