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PhD Writing: Tips And Prompts

Writing strategies for students dealing with PhD dissertation writing

It’s overwhelming just how much goes into a student’s dissertation process. There are committees, advisors, approval, process for permissions and so on. All of these hurdles are designed to make it hard for the obvious reason that no one should obtain a PhD unless they know their field of study.

One major part of this process is the written part of the dissertation which should follow certain guidelines. All that aside, the student is open to using whatever writing strategy they can to complete the process, which is done daily. Here are some of those strategies.

Tried And True Writing Strategies

The fact is that ideas are constantly flowing even though the student may not realize it. So to be able to capture those ideas at every opportunity is the best strategy to have. But here is a bit of a breakdown of the basics.

  • Note Hoarding
  • From the time the student begins to actively pursue their doctorate, they should be keeping track of everything that goes in the direction of their topic of interest. Those who aren’t aiming for that goal wouldn’t know to prepare that far in advance.

    It’s also very much like a writer who doesn’t throw any ideas away. All of them are put to use and further down the line the student will find this out as they continue to actively start working on their degree. Which means to back up everything, whether it’s on paper or digital and to always be taking notes, such as when attending conferences.

  • Multiple Drafts
  • Every good writer goes through endless rough drafts and edits. The student should do this every chance they get and go over it time and time again, at least a few times daily almost like a journal. Spelling and grammar can be corrected later by the bulk but it’s the formation of the ideas that need to take place as soon as possible.

  • Cite All Sources
  • It’s best to get into the habit of keeping track of all researched sources. In the end there is going to be a section devoted to literature and having all of this ready is the best way to prepare.

Remain Vigilant

Overall the best writing strategy is to be persistent at it. With every intention to work towards getting the final pass by the committee. All students benefit greatly when they devote their time to this process and incredibly enough, when it’s a lifetime pursuit.

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