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PhD Writing: Tips And Prompts

How To Write My Thesis: An Effective Organizing Strategy

Almost everyone will have to write a thesis paper at a point in life no matter what level of education is being pursued.

Choose a topic

Choose a topic which excites you or you are comfortable with. This will make the research an enjoyable task and no longer an important assignment which people find boring. Topics that have a narrow range of information and resources available should also be avoided and subjects, which can be manageable, should be picked.


Find Information

Fully scrutinize the topic by doing an extensive research on the topic. Make use of all the available resources such as books, newspapers and an online library to pick hands on experience related to the subject matter. Credible online sources like government and educational websites should also be used.


Writing a thesis statement

It is a one-sentence thesis or a statement that does not only describe your stance on the topic, but also the declaration of your belief. The whole essay will consist of arguments in either favour or against this belief; therefore it is of utmost importance.


Make an Outline

An outline should be created to give a logical structure to the research. Its purpose is to help go through the topic before writing something on paper. It includes an introduction, body and a conclusion. Introduction is simply about stating the thesis statement and the purpose of your research. It will also include the main reason for writing the paper and the action plan to approach the paper.

The BODY of the paper is all about presenting the arguments in support of the thesis statement. The conclusion, whereas, restates the thesis statement and summarizes the thoughts.


Write a draft

Prepare a rough draft in order to organize your research according to the outline presented. Does not worry about grammar at this moment rather summarize, paraphrase, or quote for each idea brought forward. It is just the matter of putting thoughts on paper.



This is the time to edit and revise the first draft as appropriate. Revise for any content error along with double check any figures. Other things such as spelling, grammar, and use of the word should be checked accordingly.


Preparation of final paper

Before printing the final paper make sure that the full review has been performed and the paper presents the aim of the paper. Proofread the paper for any grammar mistakes, spellings, punctuation and duplicated words. In addition, the paper should be neat and tidy and looks attractive to the reader. Formatting area should be also taken care of.

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