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PhD Writing: Tips And Prompts

In Search of a Top-Grade Master’s Dissertation Sample

When looking for master’s dissertation samples, you’ll probably want to get one that has received a high grade. Although it is not always possible to know how high a particular paper has scored, you can use the hints below to increase your chances of discovering quality examples.

  • Ask you colleagues.
  • Think of your associates who you know, have successfully defended their dissertations. Do you know their actual marks? If the answer is no, you can find out by asking an unobtrusive question between times: “I’ve heard, your dissertation was highly praised, wasn’t it?” Next, explain that you are writing your own thesis at the moment, and that looking at your friend’s one could greatly help you. He or she might agree to let you have it. Note that you should not copy any fragments directly, or paraphrase too closely, as it can get both of you into trouble. However, you can use the same formatting and sources.

  • Browse your university database.
  • If your university has a writing center, check its website – there should be at least a couple of dissertations that have been stored as examples of good practice. You probably won’t be able to see their actual grades, as this information is confidential, but the very fact that the paper is in this database is proof of its high quality. In some databases, there is an option to arrange papers from top to bottom by their grade, although the actual grades still remain hidden.

  • Explore your local library for published dissertations.
  • The best theses in any field usually get published, and hence become available in libraries, just like any other book. Browse your local library’s catalogue to discover such items. If you get confused, you can ask the librarian for help. Although the papers you discover might not match your topic, or even your major, they are definitely examples of the best writing and research practice. You can learn much from them, from discussion techniques to correct word choices. Also, you will broaden your knowledge in this dissertation subject, which you might use while working on your own.

  • Search online smartly.
  • Use a customized search engine that was developed for a specific purpose to help you discover theses online. The most popular such engine has been created on the basis of Google. These tools index only scholarly databases, which provide open and free access to dissertations, with over 90% of them providing full texts. By using these programs, you can save a lot of time.

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