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Free Tips on How to Write a Pharmacology Dissertation Conclusion

The dissertation conclusion is often considered the most important part of the written project because it’s the last chance for you to make a good impression on the graduate review committee. It’s also seen as the most difficult part to write. In a pharmacology dissertation, it can be hard to get started because of the complicated nature of the subject and the length of time you have already spent on the project. So here are some free tips on how to write a great pharmacology dissertation conclusion:

Provide an overview of your contributions

To start your conclusion you should jump right into the contributions that your research work is making to the field. This isn’t to say that you are bragging, this is actually a required component that justifies your doctorate level work. Don’t be unnecessarily modest with your words. Present yourself as an expert within this area of study.

Summarize what you say in each chapter

Take a look at the topics discussed in each of the chapters and write a summary sentence for each. You will want to synthesize the information for the reader, so don’t simply rewrite content but instead provide explanations for how your ideas work together to prove your hypothesis.

Move away from the overall structure

Don’t simply restate the information from each chapter in the same structured order in which they appear in your work. Select a few of the major themes and discussion points and revisit those as ideas in the general sense. This will make your conclusion more interesting by not making it seem like a you are simply listing the information presented in the work.

Provide the implications of your work

In a short paragraph, reflect on and provide the practical implications of your work to the field. You can give recommendations that are either specific or general. This section should start to bring the review committee back towards the real world, away from the focused nature of your pharmacology research.

Discuss your plans for future research

No matter how much you have covered in researching for your graduate project, there will always be room for more work. In few short sentences you should identify what these possibilities are and whether you plan on continuing research to answer lingering questions or open ends. This doesn’t mean that your work was not deserving of a doctorate, it simply states that some other research could pick up where you left off.

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