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Brainstorming Education Dissertation Topic Ideas: A Helpful Guide

Producing an effective dissertation is essential for every student. The ability to write a dissertation reflects a number of skills on the part of the students. These skills may include: the ability to carry out a detailed research, time management skills, writing skills, and analytical skills. A comprehensive dissertation includes background information on the chosen topic, a comprehensive literature review on the journal articles relevant to the subject, explanation of the research methodology that is to be followed by the researcher, analysis of the primary or secondary data, and presentation of the findings and conclusion. Thus, it can be said that such a comprehensive report requires significant planning. Since this report requires the student to gain a very deep understanding of the topic, it is absolutely necessary for the student to choose the topic very carefully.

While choosing the theme of your research on education subject, you may perform brainstorming for coming up with ideas. In order to generate ideas and to check their feasibility, you must ask yourself the following questions.

Has previous research on the topic been done?

When you brainstorm a topic, make sure that there is relevant literature available on the topic. This will help you in performing the literature review which builds the context around your research. If there is no prior research done on the topic, it may be very difficult for you to complete your research in a reasonable period of time because you may not know the prevailing ideas on the topic.

Will the topic add value to the users of the research?

You should also ensure that the topic should be of some value to the stakeholders. For example, if the education research is based on a university, you should ensure that the conclusion and findings will help that university enhance its operations.

Is it possible to acquire primary data on the topic?

You should also ensure whether it is possible to perform primary research for the dissertation. For example, if the research is focused on a university, you should ensure that the employees of the university or the students will be accessible for acquiring first-hand information through questionnaires or interviews.

Do you have prior background knowledge on the topic?

You need to ensure that the topic is not entirely new to you. You must have some prior knowledge on the topic in order to determine a direction for your research.

These questions in the brainstorming session can help you find the perfect topic for your research on education subject.

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