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Where To Find A Dissertation Proposal Methodology Example

If you want to write a really good dissertation proposal methodology then it’s a really good idea to look at several examples before you start writing.

One other really important point is to make keep a copy of the remit that you have for the submission of your proposal. The reason for this is that although you may find some really appropriate examples, you need to refer back to the remit as this will relate directly to the directives of your course and your educational establishment. Although the instructions are fairly standard there may be some slight variations.

  • A good place to start is by looking at your course study notes. There may be a few examples there or at least an annotated example of what you dissertation proposal should contain. You should also ask your professor/tutor if they have some more examples that you could read. If your professor/tutor has a rough idea of your interests they may be able to give you some precise examples as well as advice.

Other options

  • Visit the Library. Have a chat with the Librarian. They may be able to find some examples that you will find valuable. You could visit the public library but the Librarians there may not have the same access to academic work that your school or college library has.
  • Although you may not have visited Learning Support before, you could pay them a visit and ask if they have any examples that may help you to write your dissertation proposal. The chances are they may have some examples as they have probably helped other students with their research proposals.


  • Have a look online. Using an academic search engine, decide on you key words for your search. You could start out your search by using your field of study as the first key word. You should be able to locate several sites that focus on dissertation proposals.
  • One thing that you should consider at this point is that you are looking for a ‘good’ example. You may need to draw on your own knowledge and your course instructions to determine the grade of the proposal.
  • You can always look at academic writing sites where they may be more than happy to share with you examples of their work as they would hope that you would use their services.


  • One other source of information can come from online videos that are posted by other students or professors. The videos can either be a diary form of the progress and process experienced by another student who has been writing their proposal or by a professor giving a tutorial on how to write a proposal.
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