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How To Write A Master’s Dissertation Proposal In Economics

Writing a master’s dissertation proposal in economics will be daunting at first, but if you break down the distinctive parts and take on each, the completed work will feel less daunting than you may have expected. Dissertations in any discipline will have five elements. The proposal for the dissertation will likely require from 15 to 30 pages to provide your advisor or dissertation committee a clear and concise description of your purpose. Check with your program for their specific guidelines.

  • The hypothesis or question is your opening gambit
  • The first element of your proposal is the hypothesis or question you will be exploring. Your job is to explain what you will be examining with your research, why the question is important, and how it may be used for further examination or be applicable in the field of economics.

  • The importance of the research you will perform
  • The second element will involve explaining why your topic is important. How will it be applied in the future by other researchers or in real world applications? Perhaps you want to examine the minimum wage and how increasing it may be beneficial to improving the economy. You will need to show that increasing wages may ultimately improve the Gross National Product and Gross Income in the United States.

  • Discuss prior research on the topic at hand
  • The third thing your advisor will look for in your proposal will be whether there is prior research on your topic and the previous findings. You will need to provide detail while keeping it clear and concise. You will also need to show what you will show that prior research may have failed to show.

  • Explaining your approach or methodology
  • The fourth item you must provide is the manner in which you will examine or prove the hypotheses. How will you gather your data to prove your question? How will you test whether increasing the minimum wage will improve the economy? You will need to show whether your topic is testable by other researchers. You will also need to explain how you will show your data, whether with charts or tables or graphs.

  • Expected outcomes or importance of your work
  • Finally, you will need to explain what you expect to find in your study and how you expect it to be applicable in the future. You will need to define your reasoning for your study on the minimum wage questions and whether later researchers will be able to use your data, follow your methods, and arrive with a similar result. Remember the true value of scientific methods is whether other researchers can duplicate your methods and arrive at the same result. If it can’t be duplicated, the hypothesis fails.

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