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How To Avoid Fraud Dealing With Dissertation Writing Services

The market for dissertation writing services is a bit different than other academic writing services, because the level of quality and expertise required is so much higher. Using just any academic writing service, if it doesn’t specialize in dissertations, will likely result in poor quality work. With any writing service, or any online service for that matter, there is always a chance of fraud. One would hope that at the doctoral level it would be lower, but that isn’t always the case. Use these easy tips to help avoid fraud when using a writing service:

Verify their qualifications

If you are hiring someone to write your dissertation, they will need to have advanced qualification to be able to write about the content area at a high enough level. If someone tells you are they are a doctoral student, a fellow, or a professional, try to verify this. For instance, if they tell you they are a student or staff at a university, ask them to email you from their university email. Or if they say they are published, look them up on Google Scholar. While verifying their credentials won’t necessarily guarantee that they’ll do a stellar job on your project, it will at least indicate that they have the potential to do so. Not to mention that if they are lying about their qualifications from the start, they’re likely to try to take advantage of you later on in the process.

Work out a payment schedule

For a project as large as a dissertation, you’ll likely need to work out a payment schedule. The most important thing about this in avoiding fraud is to not pay all of it, or a significant amount upfront. Anytime you are making a payment, you’ll want to be able to see a deliverable for the milestone. For instance, if your paper is made up of chapters you can decide to pay per chapter as they are completed to your satisfaction. If you decide to pay hourly, you’ll want to work out a system to verify hours worked each week and still get deliverables along the way.

Check for plagiarism

One of the most common fraud practices for writing services is to plagiarize from other sources. This can include copy and pasting sentences, paragraphs, or even whole sections from sources such as published papers or books. Be sure to run any deliverables through a plagiarism checking website.

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