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PhD Writing: Tips And Prompts

In Search Of A Well-Written Sociology Dissertation Example

It is not easy beginning a writing project that will be analyzed by experts in the field. The writer feels pressure to perfect their work so that it is not overly criticized or in need of a lot of corrections. To make sure your dissertation is not in need of revision, it always helps to looks at the works of other people who have successfully submitted a passing dissertation. Remember, there is a process involved that leads up to writing.

  • Make sure that you have a topic that you are able to conduct research about academic advisors that you can go to if you have any questions.
  • Prepare for conducting research. The preparation includes deciding a sample size and how you will go about gathering data from your sample. It also helps to read background information about your chosen topic to gather the information that would help support your work.
  • Collect and analyze your data. As you collect data and put them into tables and graphs, arrange them in a way that is cohesive.
  • Draft thesis, edit thesis, make revisions, do more editing, do more revisions and finally turn it in.

Before turning it in, as previously stated, use the works of others as examples of how your work should look like.

  • Starting with your advisor is best. They will be able to provide examples, probably from their own dissertation, of how your work should look.
  • Your second choice after seeking your advisor’s help would be the Internet search engines. It will provide examples from other universities as well allowing you to do some sort of compare and contrast. This will also let you gather more information that could be used for the literature review. Additionally, you can get a feel for how the layout of the paper should look like.
  • The third choice in finding a sample would be the school library, with the help of the librarian. The library should have journals made readily available to students who need to take a look at them. Again, these journals can be used as sources for research as well as support test in the discussion aspect of the paper. If you are not sure where to find these, this is where the librarian will come in. If there is no physical copy of the paper or journal that you need, the librarian can direct you to great online sources for examples.

As previously stated, finding good examples of how a paper should be written can be difficult. But remember, your research advisor is the first person to go to for examples. They likely will know where you can look and direct you accordingly. Happy writing!

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