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How To Find A Proper Template For A Dissertation Title Page

Your dissertation is a very important paper. It is probably the most important paper that you will write in school. It is designed to test your overall skill and knowledge in the subject that you have been studying. It allows you to become a scholar in your field of study. When you are writing your paper, there are so many resources available to you to make sure that you do it right. You can obtain a template for your title page to ensure that it is formatted correctly.

Having a template is one of the easiest way to get your paper done. There are two kinds of templates and this paper will explain how to obtain both of them. The first kind is a blank template. These is an easier template to use but may be a little more confusing. You would just input your information into it. The second template is an example template. This is an actual published dissertation that you can exchange your information for their information. It is one of the easier ways to go because you can see exactly how the student presented it. Did they put a title after their name? You usually won’t see this type of information on a blank template.

Here are some great places to find a template whether it is a blank template or an example template.

Dissertation Database

This may be the best place to find example templates. You won’t find any blank templates here. You can search actual published dissertations in your field. Use them as an example and as a resource if you find one in your field of study. Compare the title page from these papers.

Image files

The next place to check is in the image search for one. You can usually find blank ones here. These are helpful resources too because they may include helpful notes about the spacing and other key factors.

Document files

There are documents that can be accessed through links. You can usually find both kinds here. The links will direct you write to the document instead of to a web page. Some are in various formats that you may need certain programs to access.

As you can see, there are some really great places to help you with this portion of your paper. Don’t hesitate to take a look at other sections to get an idea of how to format those as well.

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