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Searching For Free Dissertation Sample Online: 6 Places To Check

When you are writing a dissertation, it is always a good idea to have a look at a few samples first.

Why? You ask.

Well, because looking at a sample will give you an idea of several things. This can include the layout, the style used such as APA, MLA or Harvard; the writing style and the way evidence is presented. Remember, your work should always be your own but drawing inspiration from someone else’s work is completely fine. Academic work is best when it is collaborative.

Below are six places where you can find free examples of dissertations.

  1. Ask you teachers or supervisor
  2. Most teachers will have copies of the works of their former students on record. Simply asking if you could see them will most probably result in a bunch of writings in your hands. Use them wisely.

  3. Search the school website/archives
  4. Most universities will give you access to the archive area when you are a student there and you can access previous works by students for reference.

  5. The Library
  6. Most colleges and university libraries will have sections that have the body of work done by the institution’s own students. This is available to all present students for reference. Search your favorite area and you will find what you are looking for.

  7. Look at websites of other universities
  8. More and more universities, especially the most successful ones are putting their course materials and research work online in an effort to spread the benefits of education far and wide. Have a look at these online repositories and you will find a treasure trove of works you can use.

  9. Online Specialty Databases
  10. Various databases specializing in scholarly work, for instance, Questia, are available online. These may not be available for free but paying for a subscription is well worth the money. You will get access to thousands of journals and other research works from trusted sources that will be invaluable to your work.

  11. Search Engines
  12. The biggest resource of them all is the internet. You will get thousands if not millions of hits when you search with a basic search engine. Be careful who you trust though. The challenge here is to weed out the bad and settle on the good. Do not trust websites that promise you great dissertations in terrible English, they are obviously scams. Go with trusted sources and you will be good to go.

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