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PhD Writing: Tips And Prompts

How To Write A Strong Dissertation And Impress Your Audience At The Defense

Not every student wants to be a lawyer when they finish school but whenever they are asked to write a dissertation, they are actually preparing themselves for a courtroom activity. You see you need a great deal of research and expertise in writing to produce a strong dissertation. You cannot produce this in five minutes. And if you are strong in your research and your writing you will come up with an excellent dissertation. But it will require a great deal of effort.

You may be required to undertake a viva voce exam in which you will be questioned about your dissertation. Now the people who are conducting the inquiry are people who are highly educated and who know the subject very well. Or if they don't know the subject very well they know the sorts of questions to ask to test if you know the subject very well.

What to include in your dissertation?

While the number of main points you make in writing a strong dissertation depends on a number of things with the word count being an obvious prerequisite. But however many main points you make the test of whether or not your dissertation is strong depends on the evidence you can produce to support your arguments in your dissertation. If you have solid evidence and if you structure your dissertation well and you write well you are very likely to have produced a strong dissertation.

The number of quotations and the relevance and quality of these quotes will go a long way to establishing the strength of your dissertation. The better your sources and the better their words fall into line to support what you are saying, the stronger your dissertation.

It's a great idea to have a rehearsal before you are required to discuss your dissertation with your local teachers or professors. Have a friend, a family member or a fellow student ask you a variety of questions about the points you make in your dissertation. Rehearse your answers. Give yourself confidence by knowing a strong response to whatever is likely to be asked. It's the old situation that practice makes perfect.

You will impress anyone reading your dissertation if you plan, research and write well. You will impress further and for longer if you can defend your points with facts and self-belief.

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