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Preparing For A Your Dissertation Defense: 5 Simple Rules

Why it is important to do a dissertation proposal?

The dissertation thesis proposal provides an introduction to the actual paper. The proposal explains why the graduate student’s chosen topic is the right one. The proposal will help the doctoral candidate committee determine if the student’s chosen topic should be approved for the thesis research paper. The thesis proposal is a vital part of the presentation that the graduate student gives in front of the doctoral candidate committee. The proposal is the key tool that the graduate student uses to defend their proposed subject matter for their graduate paper.

How to properly write the dissertation proposal for your presentation in front of the doctoral candidate committee?

  • The graduate student must have a clear understanding of the proposed topic.
  • The graduate needs to do some preliminary research on the proposed subject to determine if it is a good fit for the research paper.
  • There should be enough researchable information on the subject matter out there.
  • The graduate needs to practice their speech that they plan to give in front of the candidate committee.
  • The graduate student should write the defense proposal in the same manner that they plan to write the actual paper.

Five simple steps to prepare for conducting your dissertation defense in front of the doctoral candidate committee:

  • Step #1: Pick a topic that has much researchable information, have a general understanding of the subject matter, and you should have no problem writing a thesis on the subject.
  • Step #2: The proposal needs to include the thesis statement or thesis question, brief discussion of the proposed subject, the graduate student’s position on the proposed subject matter, main points that support the student’s position, and how the graduate will prove their position.
  • Step #3: It is advisable for the graduate student to include slideshows with their presentation in front of the committee.
  • Step #4: The graduate student should practice their presentation in front of colleagues to get feedback on how to improve the proposal and presentation.
  • Step #5: The graduate student must ensure that they are prepared for the presentation and have done their research on the proposed subject beforehand.

Good topics for an outstanding dissertation paper:

  • Feminism has many subcategory topics you can choose from.
  • Affirmative Action is another good subject with many subcategories.
  • The Vietnam War and World War II are good as well.
  • Discuss President Obama’s complicated relationship with Congress.
  • Discuss why national security of the White House has been an issue since President Obama has been in office.
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